OSCA Owners Group
Brings together all those who are passionate about this mythical marque. Experience a journey through the history of OSCA, learn more about what makes OSCA so special, centralize your knowledge in one OSCA-centric place.
OSCA Owners Group
brings together all those who are passionate about this mythical marque. Experience a journey through the history of OSCA, learn more about what makes OSCAs so specials, centralize your knowledge in one OSCA-centric place.

Welcome to the OSCA Owners Group

Based in Bologna, Italy, OSCA – Fratelli Maserati was a company established by the three Maserati brothers to exclusively manufacture tool-room-build, world-class race cars. During its close to 20 years of existence, OSCA (as it became to be known) proved highly successful in producing iconic racing cars and winning thousands of contests. OSCA is THE post-war Maserati product, fully engineered and crafted by the three remaining Maserati brothers.

The OSCA approach to custom-build, bespoke, and exquisitely engineered sports and racing cars, was deeply reminiscent of pre-war Bugatti and Maserati philosophy. Entirely in-house designed and manufactured, these hand crafted post-war Maserati racing machines were expensive, beautifully made and produced in extremely limited numbers. OSCA – Fratelli Maserati output amounted to less than 200 cars in total by the time the factory shut its doors for the final time in 1965 - an average annual output of less than 12 cars!. Given OSCA’s brilliant competition successes and numerous important automotive innovations, one would have expected the brand to be widely known and admired. Due to the Maserati brother’s reclusive nature and media-shy approach, OSCA – Fratelli Maserati remains an automotive myth known mainly to the diehard cognoscenti surrounding the marque to this day.

This website brings together all those who are passionate about this legendary marque. Experience a journey through the history of OSCA – Fratelli Maserati, learn more about what makes OSCA cars so special, centralize your knowledge in one OSCA-centric place and provide a way to connect with fellow owners of these fabulous machines to exchange information and knowledge.

The OSCA Story

In December 1946, the three remaining Maserati brothers packed their belonging at the Maserati factory in Modena, Italy and made the trip back to their hometown of Bologna. They immediately set out to begin what would be their second and final automotive venture.

Using the generic name Officine Specializzate Costruzione Automobili – Fratteli Maserati (OSCA), the brothers set out to build race cars for private customers from a small section of the original Maserati factory at Via Emilia Levante, Bologna.

During 1947 the design of the first car (Mt4) was developed and translated into drawings. By mid 1948, both the first engine and first chassis were ready for testing. Within a few months the first prototype was completed, and the ultra-limited production began. When 1949 came around, widespread racing success started to accumulate, this performance was to last well over a decade. Throughout its competitive period, OSCA won class and -frequently- outright victories at the most demanding races all over the world, often trading wins with Porsche, which by the mid 1950s became their main racing rival.

The OSCA approach to building its racing machines was based on the Maserati brothers decades of dedication to quality, innovation, designing and competition. These came together to allow the small outfit from Bologna to dominate the racing world during the 1950’s, building beautiful and effective race cars. 

This is the timeline story of OSCA and the Maserati brothers 

  • Officine Alfieri Maserati SA - Bologna, Italy

  • The first Maserati race car is produced – Tipo 26

  • Alfieri Maserati dies of wounds sustained in a racing accident

  • Sale of Officine Alfieri Maserati SA to Adolfo Orsi of Modena

  • The OSCA company is launched in Bologna

  • First MT4 cars are complete, chassis #1101 and 1102 (test mule)

  • Production ramps up - chassis MT4 #1103-1109 are produced during 1949

  • Chassis MT4 #1110-1112 are produced during 1950

  • Chassis MT4 #1113-1115 and Tipo G #4501, 4502 are produced 1951

  • Chassis MT4 #1116-1123 and Tipo F2 #2001, 2002 are produced during 1952

  • Chassis MT4 #1124-1138 are produced during 1953

  • Chassis MT4 #1139-1152 and Tipo 2000S #2002-2005 are produced during 1954

  • Chassis MT4 #1153-1170 are produced during 1955

  • Chassis MT4 #1171-1182 and Tipo S-187 #751-754 are produced during 1956

  • Chassis Tipo - S #1183-1188 and Tipo S-187 #755-760 are produced during 1957

  • Chassis Tipo - FS #1189-1195 and Tipo S-187 #761-764 are produced during 1958

  • Chassis Tipo - FS #1196-1198, Tipo S-187N #765-767, Tipo S-498 #2006, 2007 and Tipo J #001, 002 are produced during 1959

  • Chassis Tipo S-187N #768-769, Tipo S-F.392 #1601, 1602 and Tipo J #003-010 are produced during 1960

  • Chassis Tipo J #0011-015and Tipo 1600 GT # 001-025 are produced during 1961

  • Chassis Tipo 1600 GT #0026-0127 are produced during 1962

  • Chassis Tipo 1600 SP #00140 is produced in 1963

  • November 28th – Officina Spezielita Constructoni Automobile – Fratteli Maserati shuts its doors.

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The Logo

The OSCA – Fratelli Maserati logo projected the brand’s ethos as it held a proud location on the nose of every machines that bore the OSCA name. However, through the years the logo design evolved, reflecting the companies’ progression. Learn about the story behind the logo, understand the brand philosophy, study the history of this storied brand as told by the evolving logo design.


The Models

Over the close to two decades of activity, OSCA – Fratelli Maserati focused on producing competition cars, spanning Sports Car Racing, F1, F2, Formula Junior single seaters, speed record-breakers and later, upmarket GT Sports and Competition cars. All told 26 destinct models where created by the Maserati brothers at OSCA. Learn about the models, study the specifications, understand their place in OSCA’s history.



Learn about major competition achievements, study the drivers and machines that raced. Along with a racing history summary, this section includes a 3000-entry OSCA Racing Database. Collated from multiple sources, this is the broadest and most complete database extant.



Now that you appreciate the legacy and importance of OSCA as a manufacturer of rare and  successful racing and sports cars, it is time to further the reach. Listed are technical documents, OSCA - skilled craftsmen, spare parts listings, links to books, articles, movies and other web sources for all things OSCA. This section will be updated regularly