Chassis Mt4 #1171-1182 and Tipo S-187 #751-754 are produced during 1956

  • April – A new 750cc engine and chassis are introduced. New engine architecture and new chassis geometry are clothed in a streamlined body, the package will prove highly effective - wining its class at the 1956 Mille Miglia, the Coppa D’oro Della Dolomiti and other important races.
  • May 28-29th  – 1956 Mille Miglia. Cabianca wins the 1500cc class in his 1500 Mt4-TN, beating the Porsche factory team of 550A Spyders (#1181)
  • July 8th – Coppa D’oro Delle Dolomiti. Cabianca wins 1st OA in his Mt4-TN 1500cc.
  • September 30th – G.P. Shell, Imola. Castellotti wins 1st OA in his 1500cc Mt4-TN (#1172).
  • Late 1956 – An update of the Mt4-TN is introduced, called the Tipo S-1500 TN (“S” for sport), with a much-improved rear suspension, a new body design and upgrades in engine breathing generating 130cv @ 6600.



06 May 2020