Chassis Tipo 1600 SP #00140 is produced in 1963

  • April – The Tipo 1600 SP is introduced. A sports racer with 1600 GTS (145cv @ 6800) underpinning aimed directly at the Alfa Romeo TZ1 competition. Body is constructed in house, Six-speed ZF transmission, disc brakes all around, top speed 250kph.
  • Although promising, the financial strain of the GT product as well as the aging Maserati bothers ensure that the 1600 SP project is stillborn.
  • August 4th – OSCA is sold to MV Augusta 65%, Chapman (the US West Coast distributer) 25% and remaining 10% are retained by the Maserati brothers.
  • Late 1962 – 25 years after being forced to sell Maserati SA to Orsi to avert bankruptcy, the aging Maserati brothers (youngest is 64 years old) cede control and management oversight at OSCA, staying on as engineers.



06 May 2020