Chassis Tipo - FS #1196-1198, Tipo S-187N #765-767, Tipo S-498 #2006, 2007 and Tipo J  #001, 002 are produced during 1959

  • Spring 1959 – Design and development on a new 2000cc model. With a new Engine, mounted onto the 2200mm long chassis, clamshell envelope body and disk brakes all around. The engine was an entirely new design with Desmodromic valve actuation, an OSCA in house development. Output 172cv@ 6500
  • Spring 1959 – A new 750cc engine is introduced with a reduced stroke and increased bore, larger twin weber carburetors and higher compression ratio 72cv @ 7600. The engine is mated to an aerodynamic, clamshell bodywork.
  • September – OSCA introduces an entry into the Formula Junior category. A front engine, single seater with a tuned by OSCA FIAT 1100cc engine produces 88cv @ 6800. The first two units are supplied to Luigi Chinetti’s NART team in late 1959.
  • Throughout 1959 winning was relegated to more local “less international” races, with OSCA still retaining the Italian 1100 champion title, and with US activity still highly successful in the 750cc class.



06 May 2020