Chassis Mt4 #1110-1112 are produced during 1950

  • Feb - Tipo “G” engine is designed and build. A 4500cc V12, with triple Webber carburetors and 330CV @ 6200. Build on order of Gordini for GP and Sports use.
  • April 22nd – Debut of the twin cam head (“2AD”) of the 1100/1350cc MT4 engine with 92/100 cv @6300
  • April 23rd – 1950 Mille Miglia, Fagioli wins the 1100cc (#1107)
  • June 11th – First win outside Italy, Rene Mittreaux wins the Swiss Vue Des Alps Hill climb in 1100cc Mt4 (#1103)
  • July – First official factory driver signing, Felice Bonetto signs as factory test and race driver



06 May 2020