Chassis Tipo - S #1183-1188 and Tipo S-187 #755-760 are produced during 1957

  • Jan 20th – 1000 Miles of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Alejandro De Tomaso wins his class in a 1500cc Tipo S. The model’s first competitive outing (#1183)
  • June – A new 1100cc engine is introduced, code Tipo 273 (capacity per cylinder of 273cc). Swapping the location of carburetors and exhaust manifolds contribute to improved breathing, 96cv @ 7000. With twin spark, hemi cylinder head, twin Weber carburetors, this 1100cc engine is the spiritual successor of the MT4 introduced a decade before.
  • July 11th – OSCA and FIAT enter into a JV (designated project “118”) that sees OSCA design the engineer a new twin cam 1500cc engine for Fiat sporting cars, in return for financial help and production access.
  • December – The new 1500cc engine designated Tipo FS- 372 (372cc per cylinder) is introduced. Swapping sides of the exhaust and carburation manifolds allow this engine to produce 135cv @ 6600. This engine is mated to a new chassis architecture that is 10cm shorter than the TN/S and lighter by 40kg. The body has clamshell access and substantial streamlining. A great match to the recently introduced Porsche 550A (RS)



06 May 2020