First Mt4 cars are complete, chassis #1101 and 1102 (test mule)

  • Jan – Move to a rented factory at 144 Via Emelia Levante, Bologna
  • April 5th – First bench testing of the MT4 engine (Maserati Tipo 4 – for four cylinders), 1100cc capacity, single cam, single Weber carburetor, 72CV @6000
  • April 8th – Engine and chassis testing and tuning
  • July – Mechanical set up complete, body design and construction of the first prototype starts. A versatile torpedo shaped body is chosen (Siluro)
  • Late July – Contact to build the first car (chassis #1101) to Franco Cornacchia is signed
  • August 15th – OSCA’s race debut at the Circuit of Pescara, driven by Cornacchia, #1101 retires with a broken valve spring after leading the race.
  • September 19th – First win for OSCA, 1st OA at the Grand Prix of Napoli for 2 liter sports cars. Chassis #1101 is driven by the Italian champion Gigi Villoresi



06 May 2020